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SOVAR's mission is to identify novel technologies and expertise derived from research activities, develop them and facilitate their transfer into useful and marketable applications. Marie Gagné, Director of operations have agreed to tell us more about the company.

1. What is the meaning of the name SOVAR?

SOVAR is a blend of the first letters of the words company, valuation and research. SOVAR has experienced a great renewal during the last year reflected by a new catchphrase that represents well what we do: From science to society. We are exactly that, a bridge, a translation tool, an engine, which allows academic knowledge to become an added value for society.​

2. For SOVAR, what is or are the best examples of responsible innovation?

For SOVAR, responsible innovation is a one that takes into account economic, environmental and societal impacts with a perspective of sustainable development. For example, drawn from the research results we are supporting towards market entry, it would be relevant to retain projects related to Sentinel North; projects aiming the improvement of northern populations' living conditions and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

3. How does SOVAR stand out from other companies promoting university research?

Although all working in slightly different models, the valorization societies of university research, called friendly valo companies, have only one shared goal: to ensure that university research results go to the market or the middle market, in the case of social innovations. The specificity of SOVAR is a component we call the "entrepreneurial copilotage". It offers a close consultation support for entrepreneurs carrying the innovations on which SOVAR has worked.

As scientific innovations are rooted in a science which is still in development, market positioning, financing and growth strategies are extremely specific and require experts. This is what SOVAR is. Since each Valo company is associated with specific institutions, SOVAR stands out because of its work with Université Laval and its associated research centers, including the CHU de Québec, the University Institute of Cardiology and Respirology of Québec (IUCPQ), the CIUSSS of Capitale-Nationale and the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. SOVAR also offers its services to other public research centers which are not associate to a valo company.

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