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It was during the Mitacs' 20th anniversary that members of the innovation community were convened at the 2018 Mitacs Awards to recognize five researchers for their ground-breaking work. Their innovations advance fuel cells, mental health and medical diagnosis, work-site safety, and improve quality-of-life for persons with spinal-cord injuries.

The annual ceremony honours the work of outstanding participants in Mitacs’ collaborative research internship programs. Three leaders in the academic and business communities were also recognized for their contributions to a more sustainable and prosperous Canada.

Among the recipients of the 2018 Mitacs Awards is the UMRsu director, Sébastien Tremblay:

Mitacs Award for Exceptional Leadership — Professor Sébastien Tremblay improves urban security systems and gaming, and other digital technologies using cognitive psychology research. A professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Université Laval, he works in collaboration with Thales, Ubisoft, and other Quebec companies. The award was sponsored by Ciena.

Watch the video (34:55).

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