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Emergensys Solutions Inc. is an IT company dedicated to Public Safety. Its purpose is to help improve people's sense of security by developing, marketing and deploying dispatch and management software for Public Safety stakeholders around the world.

What is the most important issue in public safety?

The world of public safety is constantly changing, and this is due to a number of factors. Some of them are out of our control, such as climate change, but others are known and need to take advantage of, such as the use of associated tools to technology development. There are several factors to mention at this level.

Indeed, technological development in public security is no longer an option. Although new technologies provide us with ways to better collect and process information, we must always be one step ahead to anticipate the actions of offenders who are also equipped at this level. Offenders use technologies to better prepare for their crimes in order to reduce the risk of being caught, or even to make them openly while ensuring that citizens find them, if anything, friendly.

Criminal networks are growing and nothing so far has been able to stop them. One of the major issues facing public safety organizations is to make sure that citizens feel safe, no matter where they live. To do this, the security services accentuate the police presence on their territory and remain visible to the citizen. In the future, a report that was written at the police station will now be written in the vehicle of the speaker to accentuate the field presence. Decisions formerly made at the control center will increasingly be determined at command posts near the event to be controlled.

Another factor is to ensure that the information collected and the chain of custody during an event are retransmitted and preserved in their entirety, This way, the prosecutor can carry out his work up to the conviction of the defendant without having it a pretext for a possible remedy and, above all, a situation that would force the abandonment of prosecution and court proceedings.

Without being associated with the technologies themselves, another factor is to ensure that the next cohorts are at the rendezvous with the required knowledge. Too many young people who choose the job of policeman have not managed to get a job with police organizations in recent years and yet there is a shortage in the coming years. Let us hope that this noble profession knows how to attract candidates who have at heart the security of the citizen.

What kind of solutions does Emergensys offer for the development of public safety?

Emergensys, which has been working in the field of public security since 1994, continues to evolve in terms of computerized solutions. The modules that we offer to our clients, police, fire, ambulance, civil defense and 9-1-1 central, mainly affect the computer-assisted dispatch software that is used in training centers' call. These programs include the telephone interface, the taking and creation of the calling cards, the distribution to the resources and the cartographic interface.

We also offer several software modules allowing the continuity of the call/dispatching process for the vehicular management (fixed phones, tablets or telephones) of the calling cards as well as several management systems that are useful to the police, the fire, and the ambulance.

To name a few:

  • Event reports

  • Misrepresentation by the citizen

  • Management of seized property

  • Production of accident reports

  • Management of several investigation forms

  • Issuing and management of offense reports

  • Equipment management

  • Schedule management

  • Ambulance point management

  • Production of pre-hospital intervention reports

  • Training management

  • Prevention management

Our solutions have adapted over time. Originally, our approach was based on a "turnkey" solution or we provided all the components required for the customer. Now we have an almost similar approach except that we have a partnership opening. It means that we have to present solutions that involve, for the most part, the solutions of several companies. The customer always wants a "turnkey" but not necessarily the same company. He will recover the best of each company and ask that our solutions exchange and communicate some information to meet their operating needs.

In order to respond to the major issues of public safety, our solution has turned 180 degrees, by developing a suite of software called "mobile" that ensures that the speaker performs most of its work on field. Just to name a few, we've created a mobile event report in collaboration with a police department to work on a tablet or even a smartphone. We have also integrated facilities that instantly receive information relevant to the intervention in real time. We must inform the worker quickly to reduce the risk during an intervention because every second counts in emergency mode.

Our solutions range from 9-1-1 call picking to an automated recommendation of human and material numbers, from the integration of surveillance cameras to report writing and the production of statistics afterwards intervention that will allow the prosecutor to better support his evidence

Emergensys is also doing its part in the security community. Our entire solution is used at the National Police School of Quebec (ENPQ) so that the police of tomorrow already have in their work habits the advantages that such a solution can provide and support them throughout their career.

Our solution is also used at Montmorency College in Laval to learn the trade of taker and dispatcher of emergency calls.

In the near future, what are the objectives of Emergensys?

Emergensys is already very present in Quebec and in some foreign countries, but we aim to increase our pool of foreign customers by multiplying the offers in emerging countries. The reason we are more active abroad is that organizations in Quebec already have their solutions and the renewal cycle is relatively long, from 5 to 10 years.

Emergensys, however, will continue to serve Quebec customers well, because for them Quebec's way of doing business is an example for all security services around the world, and it's our commercial showcase. We will also continue to make alliances or even acquisitions in order to constantly improve the offer to our customers.

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