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The Design Thinking model is increasingly known and applied by various innovative organizations. Indeed, these creative strategies used through the design process allow to develop an innovative approach in problem solving.

After a few months of activity, the Québec Design Center was officially launched this week.

Christophe Muratet of Thales Research and Technology says: "The Design Center is not only dedicated to Thales teams. It is an open innovation platform that offers innovation services to companies, startups and research institutions. The Design Center contributions are located upstream of the industrial development phases, and work around need, technology and business model ".

Pierre-Emmanuel Michon, from the Joint Research Unit in urban sciences, explains that: "Working on partnerships with cities, academics and entrepreneurs, who each have their own designs of deliverables, durations and scope for a project requires a great measure of creativity and critical thinking. The tools of Design Thinking and Design Center teams facilitate collaboration to turn ideas into solutions and creating synergy between urban science players. "

More information: Article from Anne Drolet, Le Soleil (VF Only).


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