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The Seminar Objectif Numérique 2017: Towards Digital and Sustainable Societies, held at the end of October, was a great success.

The conference brought together nearly 300 participants over a period of three days. It was organized by five institutes and research centers of Université Laval, the information Technologies and Societies Institute (ITIS), Hydro-Québec Institue for Environment, Development and Societies (Institut EDS), the Big Data Research Center (CRDM_UL), the Geomatic Reseach Center (CRG) and the Joint Research Unit in urban sciences (UMRsu). With about 30 speakers presenting their ideas and experiences, participants were able to open their perspectives on bid data, artificial intelligence, smart cities and territories, environment, ethics, and more.

Pierre-Emmanuel Michon, a research professional at the UMRsu, presented the Unit to the participants. In addition to describing some of the projects, he took the opportunity to demonstrate the plurality of domains in which the UMR works, as well as the multiplicity of stakeholders who collaborate with the consortium.


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