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OVA’s team of experts are integrating 3D virtual and augmented reality animations and simulations into an inspiring immersive environment. Our platform, StellarX, is an important link in getting VR/AR out to the world. Working closely with research centers connected with top academic ecosystems, we are finding solutions in democratizing VR/AR, both in partnership with large corporations as well as with our own IP StellarX. Below, three questions asked to Harold Dumur, founder and CEO.

1. What does OVA mean?

OVA is simply at the center of the word "innovation", inn | OVA | tion.

2. What sets RV apart from RA?

In virtual reality, we are exposed to the outside world, that is, we are exposed to an entirely virtual environment. While augmented reality literally "increases your reality". Just as in the "Pokémon GO" game the reality was augmented by the presence of virtual Pokémon. For those who follow Marvel's films, in Iron Man, we can see the vision of Tony Stark (lead actor) augmented with additional information above his reality.

3. What is the future of RV and RA in the next five years?

I think we will see more virtual reality in the field of training and it will start with the world of education. Already in China, the government is investing billions in the development of classes equipped with virtual reality headsets. When the technology will be democratized, the adoption of mass consumers will be easier. The NEXT computers launched by Steve Jobs focused on education and their adoption in schools and it was at the same time that he was thanked by Apple. I think we see the same strategy being put in place by the ecosystem of virtual reality. As far as augmented reality is concerned, I think the market will be much more exponential, because the adoption of this technology will not happen by phase, unlike virtual reality. Once we can experience augmented reality in our existing glasses, it will replace or complement our smartphones.

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