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An announcement was made on June 22 regarding the 5G ENCQOR initiative. This first pre-commercial 5th generation wireless technology platform in Canada is led by five digital giants - Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, IBM Canada, and CGI - and brings together industry, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the public sector, centres for innovation, and universities.

This fall, two 5G innovation sites will be set up in the Province of Quebec: one at the Thales Research and Technology Center in Quebec, and the other at Centech at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal. The establishment of these sites will offer resources and infrastructures available to all innovative communities from the ecosystems related to Quebec's company or R&D.

Pierre-Emmanunel Michon expressed that "[...] with the objective of increasing the quality of life of citizens, the arrival of 5G, for [UMRsu], responds to a very important need: to accelerate the circulation of data, which will inevitably lead to the improvement of the circulation of ideas, to the benefit of all.

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